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Tonic Cosmetic Surgery Ltd

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When considering cosmetic surgery and shopping around for clinics that provide the services you are looking for, you are probably looking for a reputable institution with highly qualified professionals. A clinic that has treated patients across the country who have written back with testimonials that establish that the treatments they received were of the highest standard. If these are the criteria that you are after, then look no further than Tonic Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Nottingham.

The clinic is staffed by NHS Consultant Plastic Surgeons who have had extensive experience in their specialty. The Tonic facility is luxurious and provides an excellent environment for both treatment and recovery. A free consultation is available for anyone looking to explore their options, and you can rest assured that the advice you will be given comes from experience and a long standing commitment to high standards of service and care.

Procedures at Tonic Cosmetic Surgery

A number of regularly sought surgical procedures are offered by Tonic Cosmetic Surgery, these include:

  • Breast enlargement, reduction, and/or uplift.
  • Liposuction (surgical fat removal)
  • Gastric banding Tummy Tucks
  • Cheek, chin, calf, buttock implants.
  • Thigh, buttock, neck, brow, and face lifts.
  • Ear and nose reshaping.
  • Dental procedures e.g. whitening
  • Botox

Tonic Cosmetic surgery's repertoire also extends beyond the surgical, offering a number of non-surgical cosmetic treatments like skin peels (a rejuvenating skin therapy) and mesotherapy (a method of targeting fat for removal), both of which are popular options in the cosmetic world.

Contacting Tonic Cosmetic Surgery

Getting in touch with Tonic Cosmetic Surgery is simple and straightforward. An online enquiry form is available on their website which allows you to make anonymous inquiries about any procedures you might have in mind. They are also easily contactable by phone and e-mail, and regardless of the method of contact, you be guaranteed an easy and open conversation with a professional about what you need.

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