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Dental Health for Life is a large, private, dental practice in Chippenham, Wiltshire, providing all round oral health including preventative methods and treatments.  The practice is led by the very experienced Dr. Jannie Tromp.  He is an expert in his field, with interests in aesthetic dentistry and gum disease.  The practice is well equipped with the latest technologies, and safety is of high priority with regards to hygiene. 

Smiles for Life offers the latest treatments available for dental problems, including the ‘invisalign’ brace system for orthodontic changes, and new filling and crown materials.  The practice uses the London laboratory ‘Ceramiart’ for their materials.  X-rays taken are performed using a digital system, so there is no risk when you are having images taken of your mouth.  The images are viewed on a computer, and can be seen in 3-D so that a full analysis can be made. 

In 2007 Dental Health for Life won the ‘Good Practise Award’ for its commitment to high standards of dentistry and attention to detail after only having been open for 10 months.  This is a mark that continues within the practice, as technological improvements are used and standards of care kept high.  If you are a new patient the practice will try to book you an appointment within a week of joining and you will have regular 6 month check-ups in order to keep your teeth in the best condition possible and to catch any problems as early as possible. 

Prices at Dental Health for Life vary depending on what treatments you are having done and how extensive the problem is.  You will always be informed as to the cost before the treatment is performed, so that you are prepared.  Your partner can have a dental exam for half price if you are already a member, and if you have children under the age of 18, they can have their examinations for free. 

Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr Tromp at Dental Health for Life in Chippenham

Cosmetic dentistry is one of Dr. Tromps’ real areas of expertise, and he puts a lot of effort into every patients treatment.  Dental Health for Life provides many different cosmetic treatments for your mouth, including dental implants, dentures, veneers, fillings and whitening.  Teeth can make a real difference to your appearance, making your jaw appear either protruded, your lips seem thin or even your nose appear large.  Dentures, implants or other aesthetic procedures can instantly improve your features, often helping to make you appear younger. 

If you have any concerns about the appearance of your teeth, it is likely that it can be addressed through the use of aesthetic dentistry.  Dr. Tromp will be able to give you good guidance during a consultation session, and will also discuss your price options with you. Whitening costs around £550, dentures between £250 and £900.  Each procedure is different, so costs are also variable.  It is possible that a treatment for one person may be more complicated than it might be for someone else. 

Dental Implants at Dental Health for Life in Chippenham

Dr Jannie Tromp is a dental implant specialist, and takes great care and pride in the work that he does on dental implants.  Dental implants have improved a lot over the last few years, and are now a very good long term solution to a gap in your teeth, be it one or several teeth that are missing. 

Dental implants are a regular treatment at Dental Health for Life, and patients are very happy with the success rate of the implant, and the aesthetic difference they can make.  The cost of the implant will depend on the tooth being replaced, or how many teeth you wish to have implanted.  During a consultation your dentist at Dental Health for Life will talk to you about the cost of your treatment so that you can be best prepared before having the treatment.   

Orthodontic Treatment at Dental Health for Life in Chippenham

Dental Health for Life in Chippenham can provide orthodontic treatment for any occlusion or bite problems that you may be experiencing.  This can be for adults as well as teenagers, and the system used is one of ‘Invisalign’, a very discreet system of braces to change your bite for the better.  These braces are hardly visible when you are wearing them, so no-one need know that you are having orthodontic treatment.  Depending on the extent of the adjustment required, the invisalign system might take months or years to complete.  Generally around a year of wearing the invisalign system every day is enough to produce the effect that you are looking for.  You will need very regular check-ups while completing your treatment, as new braces are continually made to gradually change the position of your teeth.  This normally happens every fortnight to ensure gradual progression.  

Each individual will have their own wants and needs from orthodontic treatment, and as a result no price can be given until you have had a thorough consultation with your dentist.  A consultation will also be necessary so that Dr. Tromp can take X-ray pictures of your teeth in order to fully assess the changes that need to be done through the invisalign treatment.

For further details about the invisalign system you can talk directly to Dental Health for Life or email them for information.

Dental Health for Life practice in Chippenham offers a high standard of care combined with a very experienced dentist and advanced dental methods.  All people can be catered for, with preventative methods as well as treatments for people who have advanced problems. 

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