Acupuncture and Anxiety

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12th November 2013

Anxiety is a subtle condition with many sufferers both within the UK and across the wider world. With a variety of symptoms and effects on general health, the condition can remain unrecognised and untreated for years. Anxiety UK estimates that as many as 2 million Britons may suffer from the condition without seeking treatment or advice, and that of this figure, as many as two thirds of sufferers may have put up with the condition for more than 5 years.

If left unaddressed anxiety can have unwelcome effects on day-to-day living and on our long term general health. The condition can manifest itself in many different ways, and often presents as a combination of psychological and physical symptoms. The former can include mood changes and feelings of detachment and isolation, while common examples of the latter are difficulties in breathing, palpitations, head aches, and dizziness.

Acupuncture may offer those suffering from anxiety with an effective, non-pharmaceutical method of managing and treating their condition. A key element of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is a practice which has grown in popularity in the West in recent years. The practice relies on the strategic placement of specially designed needles to achieve positive health effects. Offering a holistic method of treatment both alongside and as an alternative to more traditional medicinal practices, Acupuncture is reported to have positive impacts on a variety of different ailments including chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

While it remains a subject of some debate in medical circles, particularly with regards to its reported mechanism of action, in the hands of an appropriately qualified practitioner Acupuncture offers a safe and often effective treatment which can, according to recent reports, help those suffering from anxiety. Acupuncture can prove invaluable to anyone who struggles to manage the condition through conventional means like medication, or for those who are looking for an alternative treatment to complement other therapies.