Dencover Dental Insurance

Dencover offers five different dental insurance plans to suit your needs. Cover on the Dencover NHS plans start from £4.99 a month. Other options are Dencover Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Modern day dental treatment can be expensive if you don’t have a dental plan and Dencover offers you a variety of options to cover your dental treatment.

Dencover NHS

This plan is the cheapest on offer and straight away covers check-up and hygiene appointments. After 15 days you can claim an amount towards accident cover and emergency worldwide cover. After two months you can claim towards fillings, dentures, extractions, dental bridges and root canal treatment as well as oral cancer care. After three months you can claim towards hospital stays (20 stays).

Dencover Silver

This is Dencover’s most popular dental insurance plan and gives instant cover for hygiene appointments and general dental check-ups. You only need to wait for two months to claim towards cover for crowns, fillings and bridge treatment. It also covers emergency treatment anywhere in the world and provides £5000 towards worldwide accident cover

Dencover Gold

From the day you sign up you will receive over £100 towards dental hygiene appointments and dental check-ups. You will also receive up to £4110 towards extensive restoration work on your teeth. You will get  £850 towards emergency dental treatment and £7,500 towards accident cover around the globe. Plans start from £11.99 per month.

Dencover Platinum

This plan covers a wide range of treatments and extensive cover for restorative work, emergency treatment and emergency treatment abroad. The plan starts from £16.99 each month.

Dencover Diamond

Cover starts from £21.99 and this plan offers the most cover out of all our dental plans. You will receive £810 towards tooth restoration treatments and up to £12,000 worldwide accident cover.

You may be undecided on the best plan for you, the website offers more help and information and methods of getting in touch with Dencover and their helpful advisors.

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