National Dental Plan

National Dental Plan is one of the UK’s largest providers of corporate dental insurance. Offering comprehensive cover for businesses of all sizes and types, National Dental Plan operates on the belief that every employee should have access to the best quality dental care in order to promote good general and oral health and overall wellbeing.

The last thing you want when you’re on your way to work or preparing for an important meeting or presentation is a throbbing sensation in your tooth or painful, swollen gums. Dental health issues can affect your concentration and leave you feeling under the weather and lacking in motivation. By offering dental cover, employers have the peace of mind that their employees have access to the best care out there and enjoy optimum health, which will facilitate increased productivity at work. The National Dental Plan also offers cover for optical care.

Regular routine dental appointments reduce the risk of dental diseases, including decay and gum disease. Investing in routine care saves money in the long-run, while also protecting the workforce against oral health conditions that can increase the risk of general health problems.

Products and services

By choosing National Dental Plan, you have access to myriad different policies offering varied levels of cover, in addition to a comprehensive benefits package.

The policies are:

  • Clear: this policy provides a choice of six levels of cover and includes child orthodontic allowance and cover for sports injuries, implant treatment, emergency dental treatment (including an overnight stay), 100 percent reimbursement for NHS dental care, mouth guards, anaesthesia and most pre-existing conditions, with the exception of oral cancer. Cosmetic dental treatment is not covered by the Clear policy.
  • Radiant: Radiant is a flexible plan that works on a percentage reimbursement system. Different levels of cover and treatments have various reimbursement rates.
  • Optical: this plan provides cover for a range of eyecare services, in addition to new frames and lenses, contact lenses and the option to add your partner or spouse to your policy. Cover also offers loss of sight payment of up to £10,000.

Benefits of National Dental Plan include:

  • Immediate cover
  • Flexibility
  • Option to add family cover
  • Emergency cover
  • Worldwide cover
  • Choice of dentist
  • 90-day claim period
  • Outstanding customer care

You can make a claim online using the easy step by step guide or contact an adviser via the telephone.

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