Diabetes & Counsellors

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Counsellors allow you to discuss your thoughts and feelings with an impartial person who is able to offer support to you if you are feeling worried. If you have diabetes you may find yourself harbouring feelings of anxiety about your long term health or maybe the day to management of your disease leaves you feeling stressed and/or depressed. Problems managing your weight or feelings of tiredness are common side effects of diabetes so diabetics are often at risk of developing depression or anxiety problems. You may wish to talk to your GP about the counsellors available in your local area as you may be one of the many diabetics who benefit from talking therapy. Counsellors will provide you with a chance to talk through your thoughts and anxieties in a way that may help you understand the cause of your worries and therefore help you manage it. Counselling is one of many ways that you can be helped to help yourself in order to manage your diabetes so that you can continue to live your chosen lifestyle. 

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