Access to Health and Medical Information on the Internet

- A Tribute to Dr David Rayne -

After 17 years as a general practitioner in North Yorkshire, Dr Rayne left the health service to pursue his interests in the Internet and E-Health.

He first became involved with electronic communications running an on-line journal club for UK doctors on CompuServe in 1993, before joining the fledgling Microsoft Network team to manage their UK health forum in 1995.

Dr Raynes Internet experience included:

  • Creating and maintaining the UK's first, and most comprehensive health and medical portal site – UK Health Centre
  • Commercial website creation and maintenance.
  • Co-founder, and first secretary of the British Healthcare Internet Association
  • Editor of the online journal 'Health Informatics Europe', an official publication of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) and recognised by the British Computer Society.
  • Website review coordinator for Medix.

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