Insulin Aerosol

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Insulin is made by the β cells of the pancreas and is released following meals, telling our muscles and liver to take up and store glucose (blood sugar). In diabetes, especially type 1, the body is no longer able to produce insulin, meaning that blood sugar levels can spiral out of control. To treat this there are various types of insulin replacement strategies, the newest type being insulin you can inhale.

Currently if you suffer from diabetes that requires insulin replacement it is likely that you will be using injectable insulin, which can be both painful and inconvenient. To help overcome this, some companies are funding trials to look into the effectiveness of insulin that you can inhale. This insulin is made into a fine mist spray that once inhaled can pass into the blood stream and help to prevent your blood sugar from rising too high. In these clinical trials the insulin aerosol has been shown to be just as effective as subcutaneous insulin injections.

Unfortunately it could be a few more years before this product is available to the public as it still requires further testing. It is envisaged that this product will be used by young children and fit healthy adults. Due to the method of administration it will not be suitable for use if you have any longstanding chest problems and there may also be some issues with regards to its effectiveness during infections such as colds and ‘flu.