Insulin Spray

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Insulin is the best treatment available for many type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is caused by the pancreas being unable to produce a sufficient amount of insulin to meet the body’s needs, whereas type 2 is due to the body being unable to respond to the insulin that is being produced. Insulin is used regularly by type 1 diabetics and some type 2 diabetics to help control the levels of sugar (glucose) within their blood.

Even though insulin treatment has been around for a relatively long time there have been very few advances in methods of administration. Currently the best method is by injecting the insulin subcutaneously (into the layer of fat under the skin). Apart from injectable insulin there are very few alternatives, the most recent methods being an insulin ‘pump’ that is inserted under the skin, which releases insulin steadily throughout the day.

Within the past few years a lot of research has gone into develop an insulin spray that can be used instead of the injections. This would be highly advantageous to many diabetics as it would remove the need for painful, inconvenient injections. Just like an inhaler, you would inhale the spray, which would allow the insulin to get into the blood through the lungs.

This inhaled insulin is still in its development stages as there have been some problems with it being broken down too quickly compared with the injectable insulin.