Diabetes & Lipohypertrophy

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Lipohypertrophy describes a condition where fat (lipo-) cells have increase (-hyper-) in size (-trophy). Lipohypertrophy often causes visible lumps to appear as the fat cells expand within the layers of your skin. If you are diabetic you might find that you experience lipohypertrophy in the areas where you inject yourself with insulin. This is because insulin is a hormone that encourages the growth of fat cells (known as adipose cells) and can therefore cause lipohypertrophy if it is continuously injected into the same area. To avoid lipohypertrophy, you should ensure that you vary your insulin injection site (around the outer and inner arm, upper buttocks, outer thigh etc.) If you have developed lipohypertrophy in an area of your body you should try to avoid using this area for insulin injections as it may alter the rate at which your body absorbs the insulin which could reduce your control of your blood sugar level. You may find that this site is mildly painful but if you have any concerns about lumps around your body you should discuss them with your GP or your diabetic nurse.  

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