Diabetes & Obese

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If you have a body mass index (BMI) over 30kg/m² then you are medically described as being obese. Obesity occurs when you have accumulated so much body fat that you are at a significantly higher risk of developing secondary health conditions including cardiovascular disease, breathing problems and type II diabetes. If you are obese your risk of developing type II diabetes increases because the large amount of food that you intake can cause your body to become de-sensitized to the insulin produced by your pancreas to an extent that you become completely resistant to your own insulin. This means that the cells of your body will no longer be able to absorb any of the sugar present in your blood and they will send out stress signals to your liver which will release it’s sugar stores into your blood. This will increase your blood sugar level until you become hyperglycaemic (when you have a very large amount of sugar in your blood). This is the hallmark of diabetes. Diabetes type II will further increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke and your GP will encourage you to lose weight by eating a healthier diet and exercising regularly in order to both reduce your excess fat and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

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