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An optician is someone who looks after the health of your eyes. Over time your eyesight can decline due to a number of factors, usually relating to old age. The most common types of vision problem are short and long sightedness which occur when the eye can no longer focus images properly. It is important that you visit an optician regularly even if you don’t have any visual problems as they can help to detect any conditions before they start.

If you suffer from diabetes it is vital that you visit an optician regularly so that your eyes can be checked. When you suffer from diabetes, the levels of glucose or sugar within your blood can become quite high some times. This high circulating level of sugar can damage many organs within your body, including your nerves and blood vessels. Along with damage to these organs, the high sugar concentration can also cause a number of problems within your eyes, such as diabetic retinoopathy and glaucoma. Both of these conditions can severely affect your vision, however if they are picked up early enough they can be easily treated. It is for this reason that when you are diagnosed with diabetes your doctor will tell you to visit your optician on a regular basis.

To help prevent these conditions developing you should aim to maintain your blood sugar levels within as normal a range as possible and ensure that you attend all your eye appointments.