Diabetes & Pramlintide (Symlin)

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Pramlintide is a relatively new drug that can be used to treat type I and type II diabetes that requires the injection of insulin. Pramlintide works by mimicking the action of a molecule called amylin. In non-diabetics, amylin is released as a hormone by the β-cells of the pancreas alongside the hormone insulin and is thought to act in a similar manner to insulin to reducing the amount of glucose in the blood stream. It does this by increasing the absorption of insulin by the cells of your body and by reducing the amount of stored glucose released by your liver. If you are diabetic, you will not produce as much (or any) amylin so taking Pramlintide will support the limited action of the small amount of amylin produced by your β-cells (if any) and thus act alongside your injected insulin to reduce the amount of sugar in your blood stream. By taking Pramlintide it is thought that you will need to inject a lower dose of insulin (reducing the side effects of insulin) and you should be able to better control your blood glucose level (reducing your risk of developing complications such as heart disease or stroke). If you are diabetic and inject yourself with insulin you may wish to discuss the pros and cons of taking Pramlintide to help you manage your diabetic symptoms. 

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