Pramlintide (Symlin)

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Pramlintide or Symlin as it is otherwise known is a relatively new injectable treatment that is given alongside insulin replacement therapy. In an individual without diabetes, following a meal both insulin and a special hormone called amylin are released from the b cells of the pancreas, into the bloodstream. As you may already know, insulin acts by making cells take up glucose from the blood and store it as glycogen within them. Until recently the function of amylin was unknown.

It was found that this amylin acts alongside insulin to help prevent the stomach from emptying its contents too quickly, thus allowing the maximum amount of glucose to be absorbed from the food. At the same time, amylin was also found to be helping to prevent us from feeling hungry, so called saiety. It also helped to prevent the release of hormone called glucagon which has the opposite effects of insulin.

This new drug, Pramlintide directly mimics the action of amylin, therfore helping patients to remain fuller for longer and keep their blood sugars as low as possible. It is used alongside (in conjunction) with insulin, allowing people to use less insulin than they previously were.