Diabetes & Psychologists

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Psychologists are often confused with psychiatrists however there are a number of differences between the two. Psychologists are generally academic professionals in the social sciences who may also practise in a clinical setting. In contrast, psychiatrists are medical doctors (with an MB BS or MD or equivalent degree) who are able to prescribe medical drugs for mental health patients.  Clinically practising psychologists are able to give therapeutic advice in order to try to alleviate or cure any mental distress that you may have. If you are diabetic then you may choose to see a psychologist in order to help you work through any mental anguish that you may have related to your diabetes. Psychological therapy could be used to help you to overcome any eating disorders that you may have (especially if you have obesity induced type II diabetes) or if you wish to have support in giving up smoking and changing your lifestyle. If you have feelings of depression after your diagnosis with diabetes then you may find that appointments with a psychologist will help you to work through your feelings in order to come to terms with your condition in a way that allows you to manage your blood sugar so you can reduce your risk of secondary health problems (such as heart disease) that are induced by poor control of your blood sugar levels. 

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