How can I control my diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes that are controlled in different ways and different people choose different methods in order to control their blood sugar levels to minimise their diabetic symptoms. If you have type I diabetes then you will need to give yourself insulin in order to allow the cells of your body to absorb the glucose from your blood stream (although some type II diabetics will also have to give themselves insulin).  In order to do this you will first need to use a machine (or kite) that enables you to measure your blood sugar level. Most people with type I diabetes will measure their blood sugar level before each meal throughout the day. But you may want to have your own routine depending on your lifestyle. Your will then need to give yourself the appropriate amount of insulin depending on your current blood sugar level and the meal that you are about to consume. However, you should also measure your blood glucose level at any time that you feel very unwell or particularly tired just to make sure. If you have type II diabetes that is controlled either will tablets or through your diet then you should measure your blood glucose level once or twice a week before meals. In addition, approximately once a month you should aim to measure your blood glucose before every meal for 24hours to allow you to monitor any fluctuations so that you can report any large changes to your GP. By controlling your blood sugar level so that it remains within (or close to) the normal range, you will reduce your diabetic symptoms and reduce your risk of developing complications (such as ketoacidosis, renal failure or heart disease).

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