Can diabetes cause eye problems?

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Eye disease is one of potential problems that can be caused by diabetes. The most common type of eye disease seen in diabetics is glaucoma which is a type of optic neuropathy (a disease that can cause damage to the optic nerve in your eye). It causes a reduction (or complete loss) of vision due to an increase in the pressure within your eye that is caused when the fluid that is produced naturally within the eye is unable to drain out of the eye back into the veins (as it normally does). This build-up of fluid excerpts pressure on the optic nerve at the back of your eye which slowly reduces your vision. If you are diabetic, then you are thought to have a higher risk of developing glaucoma than non-diabetics (and conversely, if you have glaucoma, then you are at a higher risk from developing diabetes). If you are diabetic then your increased risk of eye problems is thought to be due to the high intraocular pressure and low blood flow around your eyes. If you are diabetic and you have recently noticed a reduction in your peripheral vision, increasingly blurred vision or frequent headaches then you might want to discuss your concerns with your GP and have an eye examination to check for glaucoma.  

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