Can diabetes make you depressed?

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A number of research studies have tried to link depression with diabetes however there seems to be a link whereby diabetics are slightly more likely to become depressed, but equally, people with depression are more likely to become diabetic. This is thought to be due to the fact that people often become depressed if they have a lifestyle that increases their risk of being obese or having a high blood pressure and these factors will also increase their risk of developing type II diabetes. In the same way, the majority of people who are diagnosed with type II diabetes are overweight and therefore have low self-esteem which can lead to depression.  However, studies also show an increase in the risk of developing depression in diabetics with type I (insulin dependent) diabetes. This could simply be due to the stress of diagnosis and the immediate impression of lifestyle restriction that is taken by newly diagnosed diabetics. So, whilst there does seem to be a link between diabetes and depression, there are many co-factors that could in fact be causing the depression (instead of the diabetes itself).  If you are diabetic and having problems managing your weight or feelings of tiredness that are making you feel anxious then you may wish to talk to your GP about the counsellors available in your local area. Counsellors will provide you with a chance to talk through your thoughts and anxieties in a way that may help you understand the cause of your worries and therefore help you manage it before you develop depression.

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