Can fruit increase my blood sugar levels?

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Fruit contains sugar so it will raise your blood sugar levels and, if you are diabetic, you should certainly monitor your blood sugar levels whilst you are eating fruit. However, it is equally important that you continue to eat fruit as part of a balanced diet due to the vitamins contained in fruit. You should realise that any food containing carbohydrate such as rice, pasta, fruit etc. will increase your blood sugar levels, so your need to ensure that you eat a balanced and healthy diet in order to regulate your blood sugar levels and ensure than your body receives all the nutrients that it requires. Also, fruit may be a very pleasant way of satisfying your sweet tooth whilst avoiding eating sweets that contain empty calories. Unlike fruit, sweets will increase your blood sugar levels to a very high level at a very quick pace so they should certainly be avoided.  Fruits have a slower effect on your blood sugar level so they can be enjoyed in moderation without too much worry. If you are diabetic and considering changing your diet (for example to include more fruit on a regular basis) then you should first consult your GP as a major change in your dietary intake could require a change in your diabetic medication in order to balance any effect that your diet change had on your blood sugar level.

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