Diabetes Increases Women's Cancer Risk

Tuesday 27th April 2010

New research suggest that women with diabetes could be up to 25% more likely to develop cancer. Researchers at the University of Tel Aviv Medical School claim that women with type 2 diabetes are at increased risk of cancer that women who do not have diabetes. Surprisingly, the scientists found that men living with diabetes were not more likely to suffer cancer.

Researchers reached their conclusions by studying over 17,000 male and female diabetics. They found that women with diabetes were up to 25% more likely to develop colon cancer and other cancer that affected their genitals. Men with diabetes, however, were actually at less risk of developing prostate cancer than males without diabetes.

Medical experts emphasise that diabetes is linked to increased risk of heart disease and more. It is hoped that this research will enable medical professionals to look for and identify cancer in women with diabetes who are at an increased cancer risk. It is hoped that using diabetes as a risk factor for cancer will increase potentially lifesaving early diagnoses.

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