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Monday 18th January 2010 

With around 2.25 million people in the UK alone suffering from Type 2 diabetes, and a staggering 0.5 million people thought to be unknowingly suffering from the disease, Diabetes UK took action back in June 2009. With backing from Phillip Schofield, Diabetes UK set up a “Measure Up” Roadshow which toured the UK from June until December of last year and encouraged nearly 80,000 people to take part in several tests to see if they could be suffering from diabetes.

To see just how significant the tour proved to be in not only raising awareness of diabetes but potentially helping diagnose someone with diabetes, one only needs to look at the data collected. The team handed out leaflets to nearly 80,000 people which told them of any significant symptoms and risk factors with type 2 diabetes; e.g. if you have a waist over a certain size, have a family history of people suffering from the condition and so on. Perhaps more significantly, the team carried out further tests on 5,550 people, of which a staggering 1,929 people were told to consult their doctors as to whether or not they could be suffering from diabetes. With approximately 35% of people that the roadshow tested needing to consult a doctor, the unknown disease appears to be lurking within a significant number of people who are completely unaware of this fact.

Therefore, Diabetes UK haven’t just stopped there as they are now encouraging people who know they are suffering from type 2 diabetes to begin completing an online survey. This is for type 2 diabetes sufferers who self-monitor their blood glucose levels on a regular basis, as they will then begin to complete a blood glucose monitoring form online. This is hoped to encourage people to be more aware of their blood glucose levels in order for them to help improve their lifestyles by improving their control over the blood glucose level on a daily basis and during illness, and the detection of hyperglycemia. Alongside extensive information on any risks of diabetes and how to prevent them, the work of Diabetes UK is paying off in its considerable growing public awareness.

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