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Friday 19th February 2010

Diabetes UK has launched a “Get Serious” campaign, hoping to reach out to thousands of people to stress the importance in understanding such a common disease. Worryingly around half a million people in the UK are suffering from type 2 diabetes but are completely unaware of this fact. Thus, Diabetes UK recognise the sheer need to raise awareness in early warning signs and symptoms in order to attack one of the leading health problems in the UK.

Not only does the campaign target the general public to raise their awareness but also people who make decisions for our healthcare system. Diabetes UK wants to make sure diabetes is recognised as the big health problem it is in order for it to receive the best amount of funding possible. They ask people to sign up online or by text and already have the backing of some brilliant celebrities, including Sir Steve Redgrave and Phillip Schofield.

Whilst diabetes does remain a huge concern, a recent survey conducted by the Department of Health reveals that care for diabetes is improving. A survey was carried out to try and establish the number of children and teenagers who were suffering from diabetes in England. After its successful completion it revealed that 22,947 children under the age of 18 are in fact suffering from the two different types of diabetes, namely type 1 diabetes. This shocking statistic shows the dire need for health care treatments to be in place to reach out to these thousands of young sufferers, and it is hoped that the statistics are helping the NHS to gauge how best to begin reaching out to and treating these diabetics. The study also revealed that more effort is needed to improve diabetes services information on how sufferers can manage their condition as it is often a very daunting issue for many.

However, with Diabetes UK doing a fantastic promoting job for diabetes across the UK and with the NHS now being able to visualise just how many people are suffering from the disease, it is hoped that 2010 will be a much improved year for many diabetics.

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