Diabetes UK Launches Election E-Campaign

Friday 2nd April 2010

Diabetes UK has launched an e-campaign that calls on politicians to make diabetes a central issue during the UK’s forthcoming parliamentary election. The organisation claims that politicians must act now in order to ensure that the NHS is able to cope with the ever increasing levels of people developing the disease. The charity hopes to use their internet campaign to persuade politicians to put diabetes at the fore front of their election and parliamentary agendas.

A spokesperson for Diabetes UK, Donna Castle, argues that caring for diabetes currently costs the NHS over 10% of its annual resources and costs the taxpayer over £1 million per hour. And the cost of diabetes is set to get even higher with cases of diabetes expected to boom over the coming 15 years. The charity warns that politicians must prioritise diabetes at a national and local level in order to make sure that the NHS will be able to match increasing demand for diabetes care.

Diabetes UK is the largest organisation dedicated to helping people with diabetes in the UK by funding research and campaigning for better care provision and more. The organisation has put together a list of ten diabetes priorities that it hopes, with public support, will top the political agenda. These priorities include identifying diabetes early, prioritising diabetes research, improving care for older people with diabetes, protecting the health of pregnant women and their unborn children, improving emergency and inpatient care, and making NHS diabetes services world class.

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