Grapes Reduce Diabetes Risk

Monday 26th April 2010

New research suggests that eating grapes could reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Researchers at the University of Michigan Health System claim that the fruit is rich in anti-oxidants that could lower blood pressure and insulin resistance. The scientists also believe that eating grapes could also lower the risk of metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and more.

Researchers reached their conclusions by studying rats, genetically prone to being overweight, who were given powdered red, green and black grapes as a supplement to their high fat diet. Rats that were given the grape supplement had multiple health benefits compared to rats that had not eaten grapes but had consumed the same amount of calories. The rats that were given grapes had lower blood pressure, better heart function and improved glucose tolerance, leading researchers to believe that eating grapes can reduce the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome – a condition that often leads to diabetes.

Researchers hope that further studies will show whether eating grapes has a similar effect in humans. It is hoped that future research will improve the treatment of diabetes worldwide.

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