Private Blood Tests Guide

Blood is an exceptionally useful diagnostic tool for many diseases that affect the human body. Pumped around the body by the heart, blood has many different roles such as supplying oxygen to all the tissues of the body, removing waste from the tissues as well as the transportation of nutrients and cells. To perform these vital roles, blood is composed of several different components. The plasma is the part of blood that is water based and contains all the chemicals required by the body such as glucose, proteins and electrolytes. The blood also contains different types of cells that each have their own individual functions. Red blood cells contain a substance called haemoglobin which acts as a transport vessel for oxygen around the body in addition to carbon dioxide ready to leave the body. White blood cells are the body’s principle guardians against infection and are vital to ensure we remain health and illness free. Finally, platelets are present to help the blood coagulate when injury occurs.

A private blood test is simply just a blood test that is not offered on the NHS but instead is available on demand. However unlike NHS blood tests, there is a charge for the service.  Private blood tests are simple and there are several different arrangements in terms of its collection and analysis. They may or may not involve your doctor, although this does not mean that following the blood test it is not possible to approach your GP and inform them of the result.

Independent laboratories exist to conduct the analysis on your results. Following their analysis, they will contact you directly to explain the results and any potential implications they may have. In some instances, they may collect the blood sample from you or they may just only receive it.  Another way in which a private blood test can be obtained is through either a specialised independent blood testing centre or at a more generalised private clinic. These centres or clinics have qualified medical staff such as nurses, phlebotomists (the nurses who take blood samples), or other healthcare professionals. 


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