Who practices acupuncture in the UK?

Despite its origins in faraway China, acupuncture has spread across the world in leaps and bounds. This ancient Chinese technique is widely practiced across the globe, and in the UK a number of different professions employ acupuncture to achieve therapeutic ends.

What do you need to practice acupuncture in the UK?

Training and experience are the two essential requirements for the practice of acupuncture in the UK, although there is no requirement for statutory regulation, which means that practitioners, unless they belong to a healthcare profession, do not have to be regulated by an independent authority. If you are a doctor, nurse, or physiotherapist, then you will need to have a CPD (continuous professional development) qualification in acupuncture before you can safely and legally practice this form of traditional Chinese medicine in the UK.

Because of the absence of statutory regulation, many acupuncturists in the UK might not have the kind of qualifications we would expect from other treatment providers. That being said there are a wealth of Diplomas in acupuncture available in the UK which would provide practitioners with the knowledge and training they need to practice safely.

Despite the absence of statutory regulation, there are organisations to which acupuncturists can sign up voluntarily. These organisations have certain requirements, including a requirement for certain qualifications that meet certain standards. This form of regulation can be helpful to both acupuncturists and the general public. The latter benefit from easy access to acupuncturists who must abide by a certain standard, while the former have a means of indicating that they practice to certain standards.

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