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There are a couple of options when deciding on a clinic to choose for the treatment, and how to look for that clinic. Your GP will probably be able to recommend a clinic that they think might be suitable, and there will also be numbers for clinics in the phonebook. However, the quickest and most efficient way of researching and finding clinics is via search engines on the internet. This will immediately bring up a number of clinics, local and otherwise, for your selection. The websites will provide all of the contact details you will need to get in touch with the clinic as well. You might choose to have the treatment locally, to save on time and expenses, or you might choose to go to a clinic further away that is more suited to the specific treatment you require.

You will have to have a consultation before you are able to have Botox treatment for Hyperhidrosis. It is then that you will meet the experienced clinician who will be carrying out the treatment. During the consultation, the clinician will brief you on the procedure, covering what it entails and all of the side effects/risks. You will be asked a number of questions, first to discover the conditions of your sweating – when it started, when it is most severe, how it is affecting your life etc. You will then be asked about your medical history, to determine whether you have any conditions or are taking any medicines which make you unsuitable for the procedure. If you are given the all-clear, you can then make the appointment to have the treatment done. You will usually only need one consultation for Hyperhidrosis treatment. The cost of the procedure will be discussed during this consultation as well. Prices will vary depending on the clinic. You can expect to pay the higher range of prices (£400-£700) in some of the more well-known London clinics.

In preparation, the clinician will most likely advise you to avoid a number of things for a week prior to the treatment. These include pain reliefs (such as aspirin and Ibuprofen), Vitamin E and foods high in it (almonds, olives, spinach) and any herbal remedies like fish oil or St  John’s Wort. Avoiding these will help to minimise bruising, bleeding or swelling. 

After you have had the treatment, most clinics offer a two week post treatment review, to monitor your health and to see how successful the Botox treatment has been. The clinic will most likely keep your details, as you will need a repeat procedure after a few months.

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