Diabetes & Diabetic Nurse

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A diabetic nurse is a specialist nurse who will help you to control and manage your diabetes. You will probably meet up with a diabetic nurse for regular checks approximately every 6 months so that your blood glucose and medication management can be discussed. Your diabetic nurse will check your blood pressure, your weight and discuss any concerns that you have due to any changes in your help. They will also help you to manage and minimise your diabetic symptoms in order to reduce your risk of neuropathatic damage (which can occur if you suffer from reduced sensations in your feet) by showing you good foot care techniques and discussing diet and exercise with you. You should discuss any concerns that you have with your diabetic nurse as they will be able to either answer your questions directly or point you in the direction of someone who can. The regular checks with your diabetic nurse are an important way of monitoring your risk of developing secondary diseases such as heart disease or eye problems. Your diabetic nurse will refer you on to your GP if they have any concerns (and you may even be lucky enough to have a diabetic nurse in the same clinic as your GP so referral may be instantaneous!)     

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