Diabetes & Dietician

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As a diabetic, you may be referred to a specialist dietician by a GP (especially on initial diagnosis or if you are overweight). Dietician advice is really important if you are diabetic due to the high significance of dietary control in managing blood sugar levels in diabetes. Your dietician will discuss healthy eating with you which will include the importance of reducing your intake of high fat and high sugar food and eating a balanced diet that contains lots of starchy foods (such as pasta and rice). If you are overweight, your dietician will help you to come up with a plan to reduce your weight to a healthier level. This will enable you to reduce your risk of heart disease and assist in your diabetic management. A dietician could also act as a main point of contact for your long term weight management if your GP decides to manage the rest of your diabetes themselves (otherwise this role may be carried out by your diabetic nurse). 

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