Could I gain weight with insulin?

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Insulin therapy is certainly associated with weight gain. This is because insulin allows the cells of your body to absorb the glucose from your diet that was previously being lost in your urine, so you are in fact simply putting the weight back on that you lost due to your diabetes. It is common for people to put on approximately 2-3kg when they start using insulin however there are differences in the weight gain expected from different types of insulin so if this is something that you are very concerned about then you should discuss the options with you GP. You can try to avoid gaining weight due to using insulin by ensuring that you continue to eat a balanced diet and avoid the temptation of snacking (as it is thought that a large amount of weight gained by diabetics who are new to insulin treatment is caused more by a change in their dietary habits than the effect of the insulin itself.) However, some diabetics are prescribed Metformin (which is an appetite suppressant) to help them to avoid weight gain when they begin insulin therapy and you might want to discuss this option with your GP if you are obese or worried about your weight. If you begin insulin therapy at the same time as improving your diet and taking more exercise then you will avoid any weight gain.

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