What should I do if my blood glucose level is too high?

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If you blood glucose level is slightly too high then you should first try to reduce it by reducing your intake of sugary foods. However, if your blood glucose level is substantially high (i.e. you have hyperglycaemia) and you are diabetic either on oral medication or insulin, then you should take your medication (or give yourself additional insulin) in order to bring your blood glucose level back down to within the normal range. If your blood glucose level remains high for a long period and you are diabetic with type I diabetes then you will potentially need to increase the amount of insulin that you are injecting yourself with. In this case you should discuss any long term change of dose with your GP. High blood glucose levels will occur from time to time for a number of reasons including large carbohydrate intakes during meals as well as stress (both metal and emotional) and these spikes can be dealt with as one off changes in medication. However, if a long term increase in your glucose level is measured, then you will probably need to increase your medication as your body does not have enough insulin available to it.    

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