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Mr Michael Oko
ENT Consultant Surgeon

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Snoring Disorders Centre
Bostonian Private Wing, Pilgrim Hospital, Sibsey Road, Boston, PE21 9QS
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Sleep apnoea is a condition which affects the quality of life of people from different age groups and backgrounds across the UK. Fortunately modern medicine is developing a better understanding of the condition and its treatment thanks to the research and efforts of surgeons like Mr Michael Oko.

A specialist ear, nose, & throat (ENT) Consultant surgeon, Mr Oko began his specialist training in 1986 in prestigious institutions in London and Glasgow. He has published notable papers in established and respected journals known for reporting the best research, such as The Lancet and British Medical Journal. Since 2005, Mr Oko has been a consultant ENT surgeon for the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, and swiftly rose to the position of head of the department by 2007. Since then he has established a much needed sleep service within the county. In 2008 he was recognised for his efforts in providing these facilities to the county and awarded the NHS East Midlands Healthcare Award for service transformation.

Services & Treatment

Mr Oko is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnoea, an area that is still evolving and progressing rapidly. The Snoring Disorders Centre runs clinics throughout the day, and patients, both NHS and private, are seen within an impressive four weeks of being referred. While the centre is fitted with the facilities to conduct any necessary sleep studies, where necessary they are conducted at your home to suit your needs and lifestyle. After a comprehensive diagnostic process, you will be provided with both health advice and treatment options.

Mr Oko also provides all the other ENT operations expected of a Consultant surgeon, including major ear operations, palatoplasty, and functional endoscopic sinus surgery. Mr Oko has had a particularly broad exposure to otologic (ear) treatments such as otosclerosis, deafness, and dizziness, with experience of many neuro-otological procedures at the Institute of Neurological Sciences. His experience in paediatric ET, rhinology, and head and neck treatments is also broad, making Mr Oko a truly well rounded ENT surgeon.

Mr Oko’s Sleep FAQs

What is sleep apnoea?

The condition is actually a breathing problem that presents itself as you sleep. Obstructive sleep apnoea refers to your airway becoming blocked as your throat closes while you sleep. This is because the soft tissue in your throat, just collapses. Another type of the condition, central sleep apnoea, involves a disruption in the signalling from your brain. Essentially your muscles don’t get the signal to breathe! Mixed apnoea is a combination of the two. The result is that your sleep becomes disrupted as you wake up when your breathing is disrupted.

What are the symptoms?

Loud snoring is a typical symptom of sleep apnoea, particularly in conjunction with daytime sleepiness and exhaustion.

Are there any other conditions which are linked to sleep apnoea?

Obesity and diabetes are two conditions generally linked to sleep apnoea. Similarly people who have suffered from upper respiratory problems can also develop sleep apnoea.

How is the condition diagnosed?

Sleep apnoea is typically diagnosed in a sleep clinic. Your throat is first checked for potential obstructions, and if a potential for sleep apnoea is found, a sleep study is scheduled where any apnoea is investigated.

How is it treated?

Sleep apnoea can be treated surgically, but is more often dealt with through the use of a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine, of which there are many sub-types. The machine uses a mask to apply pressure that keeps your airway open.