Find GP's/Doctors/Medical Centres in Gateshead

If you would like to register with your local GP in Gateshead or if you would like to book an appointment with your doctor, find the contact details of Gateshead Doctors/GP's in the list below including:

  • Medical Centres/Health Centres
  • GP Surgeries
  • NHS Clinics

Alternatively, you may be seeking an appointment with a private GP at an independent clinic or centre. A range of services as well as regular clinics, may be available including :

  • Men's Health issues including heart disease assessment & cholesterol testing
  • Women's health issues including menopause problems, menstrual problems, contraceptive services, pregnancy testing, cervical smear tests
  • Treatment of acute illnesses such as colds, flu & infections
  • Medical care such as blood pressure monitoring, asthma & diabetes testing
  • Health checks & vaccinations
  • Medical examinations for insurance
  • Private prescriptions

Private General Practitioners (GP's)



Dr Ranu & Partner
406 Lobley Hill Road
Tyne and Wear
NE11 0BS
Tel: 0191 460 4380

Dunston Medical Centre
Dunston Bank
NE11 9PY
Tel: 0191 460 5361