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Vaccination is an important part of the service the NHS provides to the British public. Vaccination not only confers invaluable health benefits by preventing the onset and spread of virulent and potentially life threatening diseases, it also spares the NHS the cost of treating these conditions. In this article we look at where you can get vaccinations both on and off the NHS.

Vaccines on the NHS

Vaccines on the NHS are generally provided at either your GP’s clinic or at a hospital, depending on which vaccine is in question. For example at the age of two months children are given a number of different vaccinations (for diphtheria, tetanus, pneumococcus, polio, and others), and these will be given at a location convenient to the parent, usually either the GP’s office or at a nearby hospital.

Vaccinations are an essential part of the National Health Service, and the childhood immunisation programme is considered a vital part of our healthcare.

Private Healthcare Vaccinations

Because of the NHS’ provision of vaccinations, this service is not one that is necessarily available privately unless you are looking for specific travel vaccinations. These are provided for people going to countries where illnesses not often found in the UK are prevalent.

Travel vaccinations are also provided at GP’s offices, and in most cases people opt for this treatment at their GP’s for their convenience. Unlike childhood vaccinations, some travel vaccinations need paying for.

Vaccine Clinics

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