Cosmetic Surgery Going Wrong

Nowadays it’s not uncommon to know someone who’s undergone plastic surgery. With the advancement of technology and the changes in people’s attitudes, procedures are growing rapidly more popular. It’s not difficult to see why cosmetic surgery has become a common option for people who are particularly unhappy with their appearance, as not only does it offer a much-needed confidence boost but it also gives noticeable results quickly.

With the rising number of procedures throughout the UK, there should be an influx of people who look and feel great. But this is not always the case as, just like any procedure, there’s no guarantee of how your body will react to it. If your cosmetic surgery has gone wrong, there’s a possibility it’s not only damaging your health, but also having negative effects on your relationships and lowering your overall self-esteem. However, if something has gone wrong, there are some steps you can take to help get this resolved.

Talk to your GP

Patients often forget that they can turn to their GP even if it’s cosmetic surgery-related - if you’re feeling unwell as a result of your procedure, then it’s important you go and discuss this with your GP. The results could be affecting your physical or emotional well-being, and your GP will be able to give you the best advice on how to tackle this for the short term.

Talk to your surgeon

If you’re unhappy with the results then it’s important to discuss this with your surgeon. It may be part of the healing process and he or she will be able to explain this in more detail. If you’re not happy with your surgeon’s advice, then you can escalate your complaint further – discuss your problems directly with the clinic or hospital, as they often have an aftercare contact who can help with your complaint. We’d recommend you escalate your complaint further; all hospitals and clinics in the UK who offer cosmetic treatments need to be registered with the Healthcare Commission as a requirement - if it can be proven that it’s the hospital or clinic at fault, then the Healthcare Commission can take action on your behalf.

Put it in writing

The best way to get your complaint dealt with effectively is to put all of this in writing. The Healthcare Commission can take action against any clinic or hospital which has failed to follow regulations and standards. You should send your letter of complaint to: The Healthcare Commission, Finsbury Tower, 103-105 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TG, or call 0845 6013012.

Alternatively, if you feel you have appropriate grounds to claim for medical negligence, you could contact a solicitor to work on your behalf.