Danone Investigating Reports that Baby Milk Formula is Making Infants Ill

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Wednesday 11th July 2018

Danone have announced they are looking into claims that its baby milk formula Aptamil is making some babies sick. The French food manufacturer made the announcement after complaints on social media by parents on social media that a recent revision to three of its baby milk formulas have caused some babies to feel ill.

Danone in a statement reiterated that they carried out safety checks on their products but also take all feedback they receive very seriously. They have set up a helpline that parents affected can call for advice, on 0800 996 1000 with option 0 followed by option 1 being specific enquiries related to Aptamil.

The formulations that have changed were Aptamil First Infant Milk (stage 1 powder), Aptamil Follow On Milk (stage 2 powder) and Aptamil Growing Up Milk (stages 3 and 4 powders). The mixing process is slightly different compared to the previous recipe, requiring a ten second vigorous shake of the bottle in order to completely dissolve the powder. The size of the tub has reduced from 900g to 800g per tub, whilst the price of the produce remains at around £11, which has caused further complaints.

A number of mothers have reported that babies that drank Stage 1 Aptamil First Infant Milk powder caused babies to have upset stomachs, also reporting that the formula would not dissolve properly in the bottles, leaving clumps of undissolved sediment. Other reports claimed the milk smelled as if it was rotten, and there were also reports of babies refusing feeds until they use a different brand.

Early responses to the change of formula by Danone explained the reformulation as a result of scientific research and covering the costs of that. Danone have responded more comprehensively, ensuring parents that safety and quality are their highest priority, with extensive tests including product testing, clinical trials and product experience tests to show that the formula is safe for babies and that they take well to the formula.

Not every parent have had the same issues, with mothers posting to Aptamil’s Facebook page that their babies have not had any issues and successfully had transitioned to their First Infant Milk, with some issues such as the residue being often an issue with the previous formula. One parent said that their premature son had put on a lot of needed weight and feels happier as a result of transitioning onto formula milk.

Whilst any issues involving babies rejecting a formula milk is concerning, it is positive that Danone have changed the tone of their response and has provided a helpline and will investigate how widespread these issues are. It remains to be seen how this story will develop.