England Bans Botox for under 18s

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Friday 8th October 2021

New legislation is set to be brought in to prevent under 18s in England from accessing Botox and other non-surgical facial treatments, including fillers. 

Previously, teenagers could undergo Botox and filler treatment without proving their age. As part of a move to make regulation in the industry more robust, ministers have confirmed that under 18s will no longer be able to access treatment in England. 

The move has been welcomed by campaigners but many are urging the government to go further and implement new policies to protect consumers of all ages. Fillers and Botox have become incredibly popular in recent years, and statistics from the government suggest that over 40,000 filler and Botox procedures were administered to under 18s in England last year.

Laura Brooks, 34, is one of those calling for stricter regulations for non-surgical treatments. Laura had lip filler treatment in December 2020 after spotting a discounted deal online. When she went to have the procedure, it became clear very quickly that the treatment had not gone to plan. Laura recalls feeling blood trickling down the side of her face and said that her lips became swollen and discoloured. It was obvious that the practitioner did not have the relevant medical training to handle the situation, Laura said, and she panicked. Laura wants ministers to consider restricting treatment provision to people who have formal medical training to protect against complications.

Regulation in the cosmetic industry has become a subject of fervent debate. At present, practitioners only require basic training to offer treatments and many believe that changes should be introduced to ensure that consumers see professionals who have the training and expertise to administer treatment safely and react to unexpected or rare side-effects or complications. Botox is widely available and the advice from health experts is to choose a reputable clinic staffed by trained, registered, experienced nurses, doctors or dentists.