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Rosacea is a very common medical condition; in fact recent studies reveal that the condition manifests itself in as much as 6-14% of the population. People suffering from this illness suffer from unsightly red skin and they tend to flush easily in response to stress, sunlight and after consuming substances such as alcohol.

We all flush every now and then but a rosacea patients stay red.  This can lead to inflammation, roughening of the skin and, in the worst cases, formation of cysts. Full understanding of rosacea has yet to be achieved. Most current treatments involve the reduction of inflammation or decreasing sensitivity of blood vessels in the skin. However, a new medication may change the way we approach this condition. Mirvaso (active ingredient brimonidine) is giving patients with rosacea new hope for clear, healthy skin.

This topical treatment reduces blood flow to the surface of the skin. After application, the gel begins to act within thirty minutes. Its effects can last for up to twelve hours. In recent studies 7 out of 10 patients experienced positive effects after 3 hours. Clinical trials have also revealed that very little of the active ingredient is absorbed into the circulation. This means that it does not interact with other medications or facial makeup that patients may apply after the solution has dried. A prescription and an accurate diagnosis of rosacea is currently required to purchase brimonidine; all rosacea patients should seek proper advice from their doctor before starting treatment. After consultation and prescription can also be purchased from online providers.

Rosacea (and other skin conditions) is very common, and as anyone suffering from it can it attest, it has to do more with just physical appearance. People suffering from it often experience anxiety and emotional distress, but innovations in the field represent a new path toward a healthy cutis and positive outlook on life.