The ever-increasing role the UAE is taking to become a Global hub of healthcare excellence

Since 2004 when the World Health Organisation Director-General LEE Jong-wook pronounced that "Improved health care is perhaps humanity's greatest achievement of the last 100 years", healthcare has advanced in many ways and many major breakthroughs have been made.

Many of these advances have been made in the countries you might expect, including the USA and United Kingdom but there are also some surprising places that are being held up as centres of healthcare excellence, such as Sweden. The latter was identified in a 2013 report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development who rated the outcomes for patients receiving treatment in the country as amongst the best in the world.

In recent times another, perhaps excellent example in healthcare, has emerged – the United Arab Emirates - a country where many health professionals are keen to develop their careers, according to healthcare recruitment specialists Your World Healthcare.

A number of factors have led to this transformation. The foundations were certainly laid as long ago as 1960 when the Oasis Hospital in Al Ain was founded in response to smaller pool of resources that was available at the time.

This, of course, is just one example, but as more facilities sprang up and the population of UAE grew in line with the world’s ever greater reliance on the region’s oil and gas reserves the availability and levels of healthcare continued to grow.

The UAE now plays host to major medical conferences which aim to set the agenda for a healthier nation and even a healthier world.

Naturally, the quality of a nation’s healthcare is always going to be heavily dependent on the quality of medical professionals who provide it. Here, again, the UAE has grounds to be optimistic. This is because a number of factors are making it a more and more appealing prospect for potential employees. These include the great investment that is continuing to be made in the facilities as well as the many lifestyle benefits of living, for a few years at least, in a country that can guarantee sun, sea and sand.

So taking these factors into account, and if the findings of Your World Healthcare are indeed true, there are some very good reasons to believe that UAE is set to make even greater strides towards becoming a major name in global healthcare excellence over the next few years.