UK Ranks Top for Health Care above US

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A new report has just been released which offers some great news for UK citizens; it indicates that the UK health system has dramatically improved. Many believe the problems within the former system have been successfully diagnosed and treated leaving everyone with a doctor and perhaps, most importantly, trust in the medical sector.

The level of care one can expect to receive in the UK is high, whether you decide to take out private insurance or get treatment on the NHS. In terms of health outcomes, efficiency and quality of care, the UK is producing far better results than the US. Improvements have been enforced that have changed the face of UK health care and the US hopes with the introduction of Obamacare, they can also make the necessary upgrades. 

There is also a good choice of the type of health care one wishes to receive as private care and the NHS offer patients the opportunity to choose. More people are also taking better care of their health and as a result, the pressure on the sector has eased. A great alternative to the NHS is private health insurance through a variety of companies like Saga and Staysure; as you can create a personalised package that caters specifically to your needs and budget.

The quality of health care in the UK is high as various problems have been successfully addressed. More specialists have been employed, bonuses are being handed out to medical experts who meet quality targets and systems that work well for the professionals dedicated to the health sector have been introduced. In the last decade, the level of care quality in the US has gone down while across the pond in the UK it has dramatically improved, in both the NHS and the private health care system.

The improved performance of the private health care system in the UK ensures that more people are seeing the benefits of taking out private insurance. With Saga Health Insurance you can pre-select hospitals, personalise your policy and choose which in-patient, out-patient and additional benefits you want to have included.