Cost of Chemical Skin Peels for Acne

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The cost of a chemical peel depends on a number of factors. Most importantly, how much peeling you want to have. The larger the area, the more the treatment will cost. Other factors include the kind of chemical peel you have, your geographical location and which practitioner you use. Because chemical peels are a cosmetic procedure it is very unlikely that they will be covered by your insurance or will be available on the NHS. This means you will have to fund your treatment yourself.

Cost of Private Skin Peel Treatments for Acne

Chemical peels are not cheap. Unfortunately, the more you pay, the better your treatment is likely to be. When it comes to your face, it is very unwise to look to have a procedure performed cheaply. If value is your concern, it may be worth waiting until you can afford the top-notch treatment you deserve rather than risking a cut-price service.

The size of the area you want to have treated will affect the price of your treatment extensively. Full-face treatments are often the most expensive while smaller areas can cost much less. The type of chemical peel you choose will also substantially affect your finances with the weaker peels like AHA costing far less than the strongest peels like Phenol. That said, AHA treatments often need to be repeated while Phenol treatments last a lot longer and could ultimately work out cheaper.

Due to the multiple factors which affect price, a general guide is that AHA peels cost between $100-$300 in the US and from around £60 in the UK. Meanwhile TCA peels are quite a lot more expensive averaging around $1000-$2000 in the US and from £600 in the UK. Finally, Phenol peels can cost between $700-$6000 in the US and from around £2000 in the UK.

There may also be hidden costs. Paying for things like anaesthetics or sedation can raise the overall price of the procedure. Make sure you ask your practitioner or consultant about what is and is not covered by the cost.

Paying for Chemical Skin Peels for Acne

As chemical peels are very expensive, you may not be able to pay for them all at once. Many clinics offer their own payment plans that allow you to spread the cost of your treatment over a much longer period of time. Some groups also have their own loans available to help you pay for your treatment. Make sure that you are fully aware of any hidden catches or strings with such deals and don’t be afraid to shop around a little.

Chemical Skin Peels for Acne on the NHS

Chemical peels are very, very difficult to get on the NHS and it is extremely unlikely that you will be about to have your procedure funded in this way. The only circumstance in which it might happen is if you are suffering from serious mental problems that are directly caused by your acne or acne scarring. If you do feel this way, make sure you talk to your doctor about it. They may not be able to get you NHS chemical peel treatment but they may still be able to help you in other ways.

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