Breast Cysts

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Breast cysts are fluid-filled sacs that grow when the milk glands inside the breast expand. Most breast cysts are not noticeable, and are often only discovered through the means of mammogram or ultrasound. Breasts cysts are benign and occur quite commonly. Depending on where the cyst is situated, the cyst will feel differently to you: for instance, if it is found near or on the skin itself it can feel very soft, while if the cyst is buried within the breast tissue it can have a more sturdy, lumpy texture. Breast cysts are more often than not discoverable on the upper breast. Depending on the individual, these cysts can become quite sore, but, just as commonly, they can be harmless. Sometimes you can develop numerous cysts, and they are not exclusive to just one breast. But as mentioned before, cysts are not cancerous. A doctor will more accurately diagnose whether or not you have a breast cyst.

Origin of Breast cysts

The precise reason why Breast cysts occur is not known. However, their predominance almost exclusively to women around the age of forty (just prior to the menopause) owes to the fact the breast changes, along with hormones, as women get older.


Mammograms are used to diagnose the cyst, but failing that, an ultrasound would be used to detect it as an alternative.


If the lump can be found, a needle and syringe can be used to extract the fluid away from the cyst. This fluid may be sent to be analysed in a laboratory, as it can be indicative of a benign breast condition. Due to the harmlessness of the vast majority of breast cysts, further treatment is largely unnecessary. In most cases, these cysts are so benign they disappear without the need for treatment. However, some cysts recur again, so the simple process of draining away the fluid may need to be performed again.

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