Cyst Removal in London & UK

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The precise surgical procedure of cyst removal depends on what type of cyst you have and where it is located on your body (see below). But generally the method involves a quick, simple, but ultimately very well executed incision (or cut) made to the cyst area to very simply remove the cyst from the body.


Prior to the surgical operation on any cyst you may have, it will be necessary for a dermatologist to obtain a sample derived from the affected area. This is primarily done for analytical purposes, to check whether there any abnormal cells, or other irregularities in that particular area before the surgery commences. Surgery is nearly always performed under local anaesthetic. As such, you will be completely numb to any potential pain when surgery takes place on the cyst. Sedative drugs can be provided for you in case you feel particularly anxious, but this is largely unnecessary as the process should be entirely painless.

The surgical procedure

During most operations of this description, a small incision is made over the cyst; the area surrounding the cyst is then dissected, before the cyst is very simply pulled out. Providing you are not bleeding profusely as a result of the operation (which is uncommon) the wound is then stitched up. These stitches will need to be in place for up to two weeks, and will need to be removed at the end of this period. The process of the operation is usually very quick and efficient, and is often completed within ten minutes.


As an alternative option, your doctor may decide to drain the cyst of its liquid contents: this can be achieved through a number of methods (the best method will entirely depend on what cyst you have). Perhaps the most common of these methods is drainage of the cyst through fine needle aspiration. This suctions out the fluid, which is then examined to discover whether the lump you have is definitely a cyst. If so, the contents that make up the cyst can be extracted through a syringe; this may have to be done if the doctor thinks that there is a danger the cyst could become malignant. As with surgical removal, this procedure is ordinarily performed under local anaesthetic.

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