Obagi Rosaclear System Treatment for Rosacea

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This treatment technique recognizes that the symptoms of rosacea are caused mainly due to the environmental factors to which your skin is exposed over a period of time. By combating the effects of damage caused to your skin due to sunlight exposure, this technique allows an improvement in the appearance as well as the functioning of the skin both at the surface as well as in the deeper layers of the skin. Apart from reducing skin redness, this technique is also said to result in the transformation of the skin, causing it to appear younger and healthier.

This mode of treatment involves the use of prescription based products that are especially formulated to control irritation and inflammation of the skin thereby countering the signs of rosacea. It achieves its results through the use of a combination of three main products:-

  • The first is a gentle cleanser, which cleanses the skin and causes a soothing effect through the removal of bacteria from the skin
  • The second product that is used as part of the treatment system, which is in many ways the main treatment component, is the Metrodinazole Topical Gel UPS. This gel is to be applied directly to the affected areas of the skin and results in a reduction in the appearance of papules and pustules that are brought about by rosacea.
  • The final product is a Hydrating Complexion Corrector, which moisturizes the skin, thereby allowing the topical gel to be sustained.

It is also advisable to use a good sunscreen lotion as a final step to the treatment system. The Obagi sunscreen is very effective as it blocks out even long wavelength ultraviolet rays thereby offering a greater degree of skin protection.

These products are available to be purchased online, however as is the case with most skin care products, it is advisable to speak to your dermatologist or consultant before using them in order to discuss important aspects such as how to use the products for the best results as well as any possible side effects that you may need to look out for.

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