Effects of Varicose Veins on Your Life Style

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Varicose veins can have an impact on your lifestyle whether because of medical reasons or cosmetic reasons. However, you should try to overcome your varicose veins without making drastic changes.

Psychological Effects of Varicose Veins

One of the most devastating effects of varicose veins is their psychological effects on the sufferer. Some people cannot come to terms with the appearance of varicose veins and as a result of this, they lose confidence and self esteem. This is very difficult to recover from and can result in a change of personality.

The loss of self- esteem can cause a change in the way that you dress as you become paranoid about people noticing your varicose veins. If you feel that you can no longer enjoy wearing skirts then you may change your whole wardrobe to compensate for this. However, it is very unlikely that people will recognise your varicose veins. You could try covering them with some make- up and wearing stockings as opposed to trousers.

Preventing the negative impact of varicose veins on your psychological well- being can be extremely hard, you should try not to allow it to get to you, but it is often an uncontrollable notion. If you are unable to escape the psychological effects of varicose veins on your lifestyle, you should speak to your GP. It may be possible to get treatment for your varicose veins to improve your mental health. You can also try other options to cover your varicose veins such as cover up make- up which is often long lasting and waterproof.

Physical Effects of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins can make the area ache and be painful, which can have an impact on your lifestyle. Pain- killers can be used to relieve pain, but should not be used as an alternative to treatment. If your varicose veins are causing you pain it is important that you treat the underlying cause as well as the symptoms.

This aching can worsen during the night, which can wake you or keep you awake. Sleep deprivation can have a serious impact on your life. Because of this you should see your doctor if your varicose veins are causing sleeplessness.

Wearing compression socks can relieve the physical effects of varicose veins. You can buy these from most pharmacies or get them on prescription.

Effects of Varicose Veins on Your Lifestyle

If varicose veins are having a psychological or physical effect on your life, it can lead you to make changes in your lifestyle. This can involve changes in dress or changes in activity. Things such as swimming can become an ordeal. However, swimming is a good activity to do if you have varicose veins so you should not try to avoid it.

Varicose veins should not have an impact on your daily activities. If they do then you should speak to your doctor about treatment.

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