Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a Wart Removal Method

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Most drugs, creams, and treatments come from the world around us in some way. The active ingredients in many commonly used medicines come from trees and other plants, which is why many people choose to go back to nature for treatments for conditions like warts. How effective many ‘natural’ remedies are is often a subject of discussion and controversy, but despite this many natural treatments are still used today. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has gained a reputation for being a quick, cheap, effective, and safe method of getting rid of warts, and this article explores its usefulness as a wart removal therapy.

How would apple cider vinegar be used for wart removal?

The method for using ACV to treat warts is quite simple, which is a big part of its appeal. All you have to do is to apply ACV to your warts twice a day and cover said warts with a fresh bandage after each application. It can take around 2 weeks for your warts to be removed, although how long the treatment takes to work does depend on the wart and how stubborn it is.

Does using apple cider vinegar work as a wart treatment?

One of the reasons why apple cider vinegar treatments are still a subject of debate is that there is no conclusive scientific evidence to support it. Instead ACV is supported by many anecdotes of how effective the regime is at getting rid of warts. If you are considering ACV to get rid of your warts, then it’s always worth talking to your doctor about the option and making use of his or her experience to decide whether to go for it. Because of its natural nature, ACV doesn’t cause side effects, but you should still avoid using it on sensitive areas like your genitals and face.

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