Treating Facial Warts

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Facial warts can be quite visible, and treatments are most often sought for these prominent warts, be they long and frond-like filiform warts, small flat warts, or classic cauliflower shaped common warts. Care must be taken when considering the treatment of these warts however, because of the sensitive nature of skin on your face and the very visible irritation that some more abrasive options can cause when used on your face.

Treatments for facial warts

The first major consideration when it comes to treating facial warts is that the most common active ingredient in wart treatments, salicylic acid, is not a good option. Salicylic acid is too potent a substance for facial warts, and as such it is recommended that you avoid many of the over-counter options that contain salicylic acid and other substances which can very often irritate the skin on your face, and go to your GP for advice.

A very effective treatment for facial warts is cryotherapy, which you may not have heard of as it is a relatively recent medical treatment. The treatment involves spraying a small amount of a substance that freezes the wart, liquid nitrogen in most cases, and turns it into a blister that falls off with minimum irritation to your skin.

There are other agents which your doctor might recommend based on their experience and expertise.

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