Private Verses NHS HIV Testing

HIV testing is available from a number of private and public (NHS) sources. Because of the importance in detecting and subsequently treating HIV, high standards of testing are available from both. Antibody testing is in many ways the staple test performed by these organizations, and in this article we look at where you can get an antibody test on the NHS and privately.

Getting antibody tests from the NHS

If your symptoms and history suggest to your GP that you may be suffering from an HIV infection, chances are that he or she will arrange for a blood sample to be drawn and sent off for antibody testing. Antibody tests are routinely performed on the NHS at specialist laboratories armed with staff trained in the delivery of these tests.

Visiting a sexual health clinic is another way to get HIV tested, and that would also most likely be in the form of an antibody test.

Getting antibody tests privately

If you are receiving private healthcare and either you or your doctor are concerned about a possible HIV infection, then chances are an antibody test will be made available to you. Because cost isn’t as much of a concern in private healthcare as it is in the NHS, you may also be offered more expensive alternatives like nucleic acid testing.

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