STI Tests using Combined Tests

The combined test is a service provided by private sexually transmitted disease testing facilities to detect more than one STI (sexually transmitted infection). Online test providers offer combined test because they offer improved value over single tests, particularly when your symptoms aren’t particularly conclusive.

What is the combined test?

The combined test is a service which checks a sample for signs of more than one sexually transmitted infection (STI). The most common combined test is the Chlamydia and Gonorrhea test, which offers a lot of value for money as it tests two of the most commonly occurring STIs. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can also present with fairly similar symptoms. For example, a burning sensation during urination is often experienced by both, as are a painful swelling of the testes for some men.

How is the combined test performed?

Despite the fact that more than one STI is tested for, the combined test is not very different to standard STI tests. A sample is taken, usually a urine sample, and studied for the presence of the bacteria or other agents causing the STI.

The combined test is usually provided by companies or agencies which offer an online service. Once contacted these companies will send a testing kit, and after you have followed the instructions in the testing kit, you can send off the sample for analysis and usually see your tests the next day.

The combined test is usually very accurate and  you can have results within a few days. The accuracy of the test does, however, depend on when you take it. You should usually wait about 2 weeks from the point of infection before seeking a test as they will only really be reliable after this point.

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