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Gastrointestinal Membrane

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The gastrointestinal (GI) membrane is what is found lining the inside of the intestines in the body. It can play a very important role in the severity of allergic reactions, especially as it is up to twenty foot long. The GI membrane is where food digested in the stomach passes through into the circulatory system (the system in the body responsible for transporting all the necessary components needed for survival to the tissues and organs) in order for all the nutrients to be used by the body. If the immune system comes into contact with a substance it feels is a threat then this is when food or drug allergy responses are likely to occur. In some cases the GI tract simply lacks the necessary enzymes to break down certain compounds such as lactose and casein, which are proteins found in milk. This leads to a dairy intolerance. Although not a true allergy, many of the same symptoms are present. As is all food allergies, once the culprit item is identified it can be removed from the diet and the symptoms will cease to exhibit.